KW-Class Micro SOFC CHP


The 3kW and 5kW SOFC CHP systems consist of the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) power generator, the waste heat boiler and the DC-AC inverter.

The pipe natural gas is used for fuel, and tap water is needed for the fuel reforming. The prime target of the system is generating electricity, and the heat in the SOFC exhaust is used for producing hot water. The power output of the SOFC produce is direct current. The grid-connected Inverter is used for supply AC power according to the customer’s requirement.

The system is controlled by the PLC system.

Requirement for installation:

(1) Space requirement

A good ventilation is required if the CHP system is installed indoors. A distance of at least 1 meter from SOFC to other objects is needed, above 2 meter is recommended.

The space for installation should be kept clean.

Firefighting equipment should be prepared in advance.

(2) External power source

AC380V,three phases five wires,more than 5kW for each SOFC equipment.

(3) Natural gas

The required pressure of pipe natural gas (NG) is between 0.2~0.4MPa. The contents of impurities in NG, such as sulfur, should be as lower as possible. Since the impurities in NG from different areas have obviously differences, the influence of sulfur should be considered when the stack performance degrades obviously.

(4) Tap water

The tap water is required for SOFC operation. There should be no suspended solid in the water.

(5) Gas and liquid exhaust pipe

The room for installation should have the gas and liquid exhaust pipe, which are used as the outlet of system tail gas and condensate water.


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