SOEC Testing System


Steam electrolysis in solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs) is considered as an effective method to achieve high-efficiency hydrogen production. SOEC has been a subject of increasing interest for its high efficiency and feasibility to be coupled with renewable resources. Moreover, SOECs can utilize effectively the heat available at these higher temperatures from nuclear energy or renewable energy sources such as solar thermal energy and wind turbine.

SOEC is essentially the reverse of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC); it produces hydrogen by splitting steam at the cathode (hydrogen electrode) while oxygen ions resulted from steam splitting transport through the electrolyte to form oxygen at the anode (oxygen electrode).


– Based on tried-and-trusted stack technology

– Flexible operation with the aid of a reliable controlling modules

– Adaptable to client requirements


(1). Performance classes: 0~1 kW, 1~3kW, 2~5kW

(2). System Description:

Control System: including monitoring and control system gas flow, temperature, pressure, electronic load, constant current source and system control software

Steam Preheating System: including water pump, electric furnace, vaporized mixed preheater and frame, etc.

Stack Hotbox System: including thermal insulation system, pressure system, temperature control system, stack

Exhaust Condense System: inluding refrigeration dryer etc


Customized according to requirements.


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